About Me



I am an artist and designer based in Barcelona. I graduated from the school of architecture of the Royal College of Art in London, with an MA in interior design.

I participated in many exhibitions and competitions in London and Venice before moving to Barcelona and establishing my design studio.

I am exposed to many cultures, hence I identify my work to be faithful to my contamination with “cultures and contexts”.

My creations in ceramics came to be very “expressive” and organic, that start with a sketch and mutates or evolves into a physical object.

I sculpt my pieces with an initial idea in mind, it later mutates and evolves to take a final shape, that always surprises me. I enjoy the process because it is always organic and spontaneous.

The ceramics are hand-made by me and it is the essence of this shop, to build a direct relationship with you.

Coming from an interior design background, my projects of interiors are an innovative response to arising needs.. projects like the Pearl Shop and Folds and light and the Dancing Ribbon revisit the concept of retail, education and rehabilitation respectively.


Objects and spaces are “alive”..in my work, I look to connect the user with his emotional self, by initiating an emotional encounter with the created objects  

Feel free to drop me a line whenever you want, or even better pay me a visit!


Instagram account @haniajneid